The Cold Stares Release 'A Cold Wet Night and a Howling Wind'

October 11, 2012, Nashville, TN... American rock, blues rock, indie rock, alternative rock, however you prefer to describe the music, the Nashville-based duo, The Cold Stares, just rock. Known for their blistering live shows, members Chris Tapp and Brian Mullins have been tearing it up since 2008, touring with acts like Bob Schneider and Big Head Todd and the Monsters.

Authenticity is a word that is frequently used in describing The Cold Stares, and frequently missing from modern music discussions. "We're not just a blues band, or just a rock band, or anything other than who we are," front man Chris Tapp says. There is a power and a realness that is arrived at by just doing what you do best. The result is a hard-rocking, story-based brand of rock and roll that is sung from the soul.

Chris' unique guitar rig, along with Mullin's giant bass drum, provides a visual and sonic landscape for the two to travel on different paths than other acts. In fact, you may find yourself looking for another member behind the curtains, but it's just these two men. "The first time I saw them," says WRLT's Dan Buckley, "I thought they had at least two other musicians secretly behind the curtain. There's no way that sound comes from just the two of them."

The Huffington Post's Radley Balko describes the experience, "Between songs, people will whisper. They're asking one another if anyone knows who the hell this is. And it's here that you, and everyone in the room, will have the same realization that just about everyone else has the first time they see and hear the Cold Stares live: These guys are better than the band you came to see."

With 'A Cold Wet Night and a Howling Wind' the duo recorded and produced the album themselves over a couple days at Nashville's House of David studio to capture and deliver that live experience. The album features thirteen original songs as well as the group's take on Hendrix's 'If6was9,' Blue Cheer's 'Parchment Farm,' and Fleetwood Mac's 'Oh Well.' Early stand-outs include 'Black Angel,' 'Cannon Ball,' and 'Jesus Brother James.'

The Cold Stares have been compared to Led Zeppelin, Spoon, The White Stripes, The Black Keys, and Queens of the Stone Age, but in the end they have found a way to mix classic rock elements in a way that sounds fresh and new while still paying homage to their heroes.

Prior to any PR push or radio promotion, stations have begun picking up the album, and fans are responding with sales levels that landed the album on Amazon's top 100 best-selling MP3 albums, including the #1 spot on their Blues sales chart when the album debuted, and CDBaby's top-sellers list. The album is also featured on Brite Revolution's site. Their first single 'Red Letter Blues' went to radio in September, and good things are on the horizon for the hard working band. The Cold Stares are currently represented by attorney John Strohm (Civil Wars, Alabama Shakes, Bon Iver), and PR firm Richlyn Marketing (Kate Richardson) and are available for interviews and reviews.

The album is available for purchase on CDbaby, Amazon, and iTunes.

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