Legendary musician George Marinelli releases third solo album, ‘Believe’

October 18, 2012, Nashville, TN- George Marinelli is pleased to announce the release of his third album, Believe. The project encompasses an exciting blend of musical influences, running the gamut from roots to world to R&B. "I write in as many styles as possible, and my priorities are consistency and producing a genuine sound," explains the longtime artist and sideman. Available now viaiTunes, cdBaby, and AmazonMP3, Believe is the follow-up to his well-received albums Necessary Evil and Postcard From Kuala Lumpur.

Marinelli's keen musicianship is on display throughout Believe. He played every instrument on the recording; contributing vocals, guitar, bass, keys, drums, mandolin, and percussion. From studio work to graphic design, the multi-talented artist handled all aspects of the project. Keeping production to a minimum, he strived for spontaneity and spark, focusing on music over technology, much like his influences The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, Jimi Hendrix, and Chuck Berry.

Marinelli's talent and passion have served him well during his four decade career. Marinelli is an original member of Bruce Hornsby and The Range, and has worked as a session musician, producer, or engineer for revered artists including Vince Gill, Art Garfunkel, Dixie Chicks and Joe Ely. For more than twenty years, Marinelli has been part of acclaimed songstress Bonnie Raitt's band, and is on herSlipstream tour until the end of 2013. "After all these years it is like an extended family," he says. "It's such a terrific gig for me because of the variety and depth of material."

"Even at a young age, I was drawn to songs and good writers," he continues. "I've always been pretty open minded about music, never sticking to one genre. I love prog-rock, fusion, jazz, reggae, afro, Latin, and garage rock. I'm turned on by any really good music with depth and style."

He brings these far-reaching influences to his own songwriting on Believe. The track "Tokens of a Broken Love" conjures Latin influences, with thought provoking lyrics by Rich Wayland, who also collaborated on standout song "Love Can Be Like That." The title track explores faith and trust in relationships. Marinelli combines afro-pop with charmingly cryptic lyrics on "State Lines," written withJodi Siegel. One of the album's finest tracks, "Taller Than Yesterday," could easily summarize Marinelli's musical philosophy. "It is about not taking the easier path, and not accepting repetition as success," he assures. "It is about trying to improve who you are and what you do every day."

Believe is available on iTunes, cdBaby, and AmazonMP3.

We invite you to listen to the record here on Sound Cloud. Hard copies of the CD with full liner notes are available upon request.

George Marinelli is also available for interviews.

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