What is your “Celebrity Crush”? Singer Songwriter Harrison Nida Reveals His in Debut Single

New York -- With the release of  his debut single "Celebrity Crush," his boy-band good looks and infectious charisma, Harrison Nida will soon be the object of said crushes rather than just singing about them. The song pokes fun at society's obsession with pop culture and is Harrison's brainchild, co-written with his producer Lynn Verlayne. "Harrison has all the elements it takes to make it in this business," she said. "His talent was evident almost immediately when we embarked upon the making of this project." This first single is being released ahead of Harrison, a collection of six-songs due out later this year. The project was funded by Nida's army of fans through Kickstarter and showcases his diverse musical talents and pop sensabilities.

Harrison, who graduated from Fordham University last month, is a classically trained singer with an obsession for sports that feed his adrenaline habit. He's just as comfortable on a skateboard or surfboard as he is on guitar. His music reflects his vibrant take on life as well as his distinct musical influences and training. The 22-year old is ready to share his new sound rooted in 90's alternative rock like Radiohead, Weezer and Blink 182.

"Celebrity Crush" is available for purchase on iTunes.

For more information on Harrison Nida visit www.harrisonnida.com