Thousands Join Together to Read Book That Inspires and Produces Kindness

Thousands Join Together to Read Book That Inspires and Produces Kindness

Thousands Join Together to Read Book That Inspires and Produces Kindness

-- Sharon Draper'sOut Of My MindSelected for 1book 1community Program in Loundon County and as Yearlong School Reading Project in Los Angeles--

Nashville, TN - What would it be like if an entire county got together to read a single book? What if an entire school in Los Angeles read that same book? That is exactly what is happening in Loudoun County, Virginia, and at NEW Academy Canoga Park in Los Angeles.

The book that is creating this frenzy is Out of My Mind by Sharon Draper. Now in its 19th month on theNew York Times best sellers list, Out of My Mind is the story of a disabled girl named Melody that is the smartest kid in the school despite the fact that she cannot talk. Draper wrote the book from the girl's perspective, giving readers a frustrating glimpse at what it must be like to be in Melody's body and have her mind.

The author travels the country speaking with students at middle schools and high schools and has been met with story after story of how Out of My Mind has impacted kids and how they relate to their disabled classmates. "This book has won many awards and parked itself on the New York Times list, but the fact that it is really changing attitudes in schools is the most gratifying part for me," Draper said of the news that her book is being selected by these large groups.

Librarians in Loudoun County, VA report that 14,000 Out of My Mind books have been delivered and locals are picking up their books in anticipation for the read in conjunction with the program 1book 1community. It has been sponsored since 2004 by the Irwin Uran Gift Fund to promote reading in the community.

The United Cerebral Palsy Chapter of Los Angeles has partnered with NEW Academy Canuga Park and will have 500 kids reading Out of My Mind. The reading project will culminate with a visit from Draper in December and a chance for students to interact with lifelong learner's in UCPCLA's Adult Day Programs in 2015.

Although these two areas of the country have an entire nation in between them, they are reading a book with a universal message by an author with a mission of compassion.

About Sharon Draper:

Draper was named National Teacher of the Year and has been honored at the White House 6 times for her work with educators. She has won the distinguished Coretta Scott King Literary Award 5 times for her compelling young adult novels. Today, she is a much sought after speaker for teacher conferences and schools from all over the world. In addition to her many accolades, she is proud that Out of My Mind has won over twenty state reading awards. Draper has been named Chair of the panel of judges for the prestigious National Book Awards in the fall.

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Sharon draper Thousands Join Together

Sharon draper Thousands Join Together


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