Shane Theriot Featured in Guitar Player Magazine

“I’ve always been enamored with trio recordings, but I’ve never been brave enough to try to do one myself.”

That might sound surprising coming from a guitarist like Shane Theriot, because fear has never really been part of his game. The Louisiana native worked for years with “N’awlins” royalty, the Neville Brothers. He got thrown into the deep end of the jazz pool when he went on the road to play bass for Larry Carlton with no rehearsal. He landed the gig as music director for Live from Daryl’s House, where he arranges and charts out tunes for the diverse guests who play alongside Daryl Hall, again, with little or no rehearsal. And he’s also the MD for the Daryl Hall and John Oates live band. How scary can it really be to do a trio record?

“Oh, it’s scary, man,” he laughs. “It’s hard not to feel like you’re all alone.”

But Theriot dove right in anyway, making a trio record—one guitar, bass, and drums (albeit with “little ear candy overdubs here and there”)—entitled Still Motion [Shose]. It’s a beautiful-sounding record that’s rich with dynamics, grooves, and inventive playing—all with plenty of room to breathe. Theriot cut the tracks with three different rhythm sections in three different cities—playing some bass himself along the way—but the album sounds completely cohesive, with Theriot’s big tones, tasty phrasing, and unexpected note choices being the glue that holds it all together.

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