Robert Earl Keen and Randy Rogers Break Silence About The Stryker Brothers and its 13-Track Burn Band

AUSTIN (November 9, 2018) — Robert Earl Keen and Randy Rogers have come clean about their mystery duo The Stryker Brothers in a lengthy feature with Glenn Peoples for Billboard Magazine that ran in print and online this week. (Read full interview here: Billboard Exclusive )

The 13-track Burn Band album (Sept. 7, 2018) is available for review (downloadable version sent by request) and limited interviews with "Coal" (Robert) and "Flynt" (Randy) are available as their schedules permit.

The Stryker Brother’s Burn Band track listing is below and the band's one and only show — already sold out — is confirmed for December 22 at Austin's Moody Theater:

1. Charlie Duke Took Country Music To The Moon 

2. Wrong Time 

3. Rocking Chair 

4. Quiet Town 

5. Balmorhea 

6. Throwing Shade 

7. Blue Today Baby 

8. Ain't Gonna Rain No More

9. Ft. Worth Was a Fabulous Waste of Time 

10. What Have You Got To Win 

11. The Bottle 

12. Sinner Man

13. Charlie Duke (Auctor Continuum) 

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