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OCTOBER 21, 2014 (NASHVILLE, TN) -Nashville Unleashed--the Music City original television show sharing the intimate stories of and performances by the people who write the songs--aired the fourth episode of its inaugural television season Monday night. Featuring songwriters Travis Meadows("What We Ain't Got") and Jeanne Petersen ("World Famous"), the episode re-airs all week across multiple networks.

"Travis is a special songwriter, who is really having a moment," co-host Diane says. "'What We Ain't Got' is a deeply personal song, and we were lucky to have Travis share it with us. Music fans don't always get the opportunity to see the songwriter interpret his own words, in his own way."

Diane continues, "Jeanne is an amazing vocalist in her own right, in addition to her songwriting. Her harmony adds so much meaning and emotion to any song she joins. It's no wonder everyone wants her on their record."

Nashville Unleashed is hosted by husband and wife singer/songwriters Jack and Diane, who are joined by a hand-selected roster of distinguished songwriters (who also happen to be some of their closest friends). Originally started as a webcast, the show began its inaugural television season in October 2014. With its signature "unscripted, unrehearsed, unapologetic" approach, Nashville Unleashed is an alternative to standard reality shows and gives viewers an immersive glimpse inside Nashville's creative community. Previous guests include Lonestar's Richie McDonald, GRAMMY Award-winnerLinda Davis and Highway 101's Paulette Carlson. With coverage on multiple cable and satellite networks, Nashville Unleashed is available in over 80 million U.S. homes and on New Zealand's Country TV, with UK and Australian networks coming soon.

Watch Nashville Unleashed on The Heartland Network (Mondays 7:30 pm CST/6:30 pm CST Nashville and Fridays 3:30 pm CST), The Family Channel (Saturdays 1:30 pm CST), AMG (Sundays 5:30 pm CST), AnglTwo (Sundays 3:30 pm CST), Blue Highway TV (Wednesdays 9:30 pm CST) and ROKU.

ON NEXT WEEK'S EPISODE:Rodney Dillard, Bernie Nelson, and Jeff Gilkinson

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nashville unleased

nashville unleased