Nashville-based financial planner David Adams shows how you can "retire while you work."

I believe we can find joy in the journey of life while keeping our ambitions, goals, health, personal and spiritual lives satisfied. If we learn to prioritize living life while planning for the future, we can find the work-life balance that fuels dreams. I’m talking, simply, about retiring while you work.”

– David Adams

In an increasingly unpredictable financial world, most of us are more open than ever to new thinking when it comes to mapping out our futures. I spoke with financial planner David Adams recently after hearing one of his radio programs, and was impressed by him. His personal history says a lot about his work ethic and vision.

Some background: By his early 30s, Adams had reached a pinnacle of success as one of the nation’s top financial planners. He had a big house in a popular area of town, reached a tremendous level of professional and financial success, and was well-regarded as as a thought leader in his industry. But he didn’t feel whole. So he spent the next five years investing time and money in self-discovery and personal development. What he learned through all of that he now shares on his weekly radio program, Retire While You Work, broadcast on Sundays at 5 p.m. CSTon News Radio WLAC 1510 AM, 98.3 FM, and on iHeart Radio.

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