John Oates Featured on LR Baggs’ Maker’s Mic Podcast Live from Summer NAMM 2019

NASHVILLE, TN (September 5, 2019) LR Baggs has released a special edition episode of their Maker’s Mic podcast, a Songwriting Masterclass with John Oates, live from Summer NAMM 2019. Recorded at the Music City Center in Nashville, the episode follows hosts Mike Luckett and Mike Newsom as they interview one half of the best selling duo of all time (Hall & Oates) and accomplished solo artist, John Oates, about his songwriting process.

Over the course of an hour, Oates discusses different aspects of engineering, producing, his experiences with cowriting, his love of Mississippi John Hurt and more. Listeners will get the stories behind many of Oates’ most popular tunes, both as a part of Hall & Oates and in his extensive solo career. A member of both the Songwriters Hall of Fame and the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, Oates also provides invaluable practical advice for artists of all levels.

"I really enjoyed doing the LR Baggs podcast during Summer NAMM in Nashville this year,” says Oates. “ The audience was receptive, asked great questions, and I got a chance to speak on topics that I don’t normally talk about. I really enjoyed the entire process."

Maker’s Mic is a music makers podcast hosted by Mike Luckett and presented by LR Baggs. In each episode, they explore the world of music by interviewing the people who bring it to life. Musicians, studio engineers, and more offer up their stories and insights, as they take you backstage, into the studio, and behind the curtain for a glimpse into the life of a music maker.

“What an honor to have John Oates join us for this live edition of our Maker’s Mic Podcast,” says Luckett, host of the Maker’s Mic podcast and Creative Director at LR Baggs. “It was wonderful to hear him share his songwriting insights and stories with a very large and receptive NAMM audience. Our deepest thanks to John and everyone in the crowd for taking the time for this truly special event.”

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The 2019 Summer NAMM attendees gather for the Maker's Mic podcast.

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