HI-FI Launches Marketplace—A New Service For Publishers, Businesses and Individuals to Create and Own Personalized Hashtag Sites, Called Tagtopics™

Mobile Media Platform Enables Content Providers, Including Bonnier Corporation, to Create the Perfect Website Companion

PONTE VEDRA, Fla.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--HI-FI, The Mobile Lifestyle Network®, today announced the launch of Marketplace, a new service where publishers, businesses and individuals create and buy their own hashtag sites, called Tagtopics™. Tagtopics are unique community destinations featuring curated news and lifestyle content, organized by category and topic, which flow into a user’s newsfeed filtered by their interests.

The new mobile platform harnesses the power of the hashtag algorithm to transform web content into a filtered newsfeed format that users can now directly follow in real time, providing the most efficient way for website owners to monetize and consumers to engage in mobile media today.

Content producers are seeing an unprecedented increase in mobile content consumption. According to Yahoo-owned Flurry Insights, mobile users are spending 90 percent of their time on apps, compared to just 10 percent on their mobile browser.

In response, HI-FI has launched Marketplace as a first-of-its-kind service, where brands and publishers can have a central location, the HI-FI network, to engage with enthusiast consumers who are seeking relevant content that matches their interests.Bonnier Corporation, one of the largest consumer-publishing groups in the U.S., is leveraging HI-FI’s platform to engage with consumers in a new way while also monetizing its ideal target audience. Content from major publishers such as, but not limited to, Fox News, Elite Daily, PopSugar and ESPN, is already populating the mobile media platform.

"We are able to connect with our audience in a new way on mobile with the HI-FI platform and Tagtopics," said Sean Holzman, Chief Digital Revenue Officer, Bonnier Corp. "Filtering content based on their specific interests allows us to really engage with the audience as well as serve relevant marketing messages."

The HI-FI Marketplace puts the power in the hands of brands, publishers and consumers, rather than them depending solely upon the gates of today’s mainstream social networks for traffic acquisition. This platform has been designed to be the easiest way for website owners, publishers and digital influencers to connect with their target audience and directly monetize in mobile.

“HI-FI’s mobile media platform is the only solution of its kind that unlocks the power of the hashtag algorithm to transform web content into a filtered newsfeed that users can follow in real time,” said Winder Hughes, founder and CEO, HI-FI. “Users, whether they are consumers, brands or publishers, can now monetize and consume content in the most efficient way possible via mobile. Tagtopics are the perfect companions for websites in today’s digital world.”

The HI-FI mission is to be the converging force between the mobile web and the app world, connecting businesses and individuals through content and community in more efficient ways than ever before. To learn more about Tagtopics and the HI-FI Marketplace, visit www.lifeinhifi.com.

About HI-FI

HI-FI, The Mobile Lifestyle Network®, is the only mobile media platform where businesses and individuals create, buy and follow customized hashtag sites personalized around their interests. These hashtag sites are called Tagtopics™ – unique community destinations featuring curated news, lifestyle and social content, organized by category and topic, that flows into a user’s newsfeed filtered by their interests. Tagtopics are hosted on our network for $2.99 per year.

To learn more about how to tune out today’s social clutter and instantly connect with what you care about, go tohttp://www.lifeinhifi.com/.


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