Griffin House Releases Love Song to Paris

-- single "Paris Calling" will benefit non-profit organization in France --

Nashville, TN - November 30, 2015

.... Griffin House's album 

So On and So Forth

is scheduled to be released onMarch 4, however, in light of the recent events in Paris, House decided to release his song "Paris Calling" early to show his love and support for the city and its people. House fell in love with Paris during a transformative experience while studying abroad over a decade ago. Last year, he wrote "Paris Calling" about living in Nashville, TN, and dreaming of returning for a visit to France.

"For me, Paris will always be a place that can be described by three words; magical, surreal, and enchanting. My heart is in love there - in love with life itself. I celebrated the completion of my album with a return this summer to my favorite city on Earth," says House. "I was so saddened by this awful tragedy and the suffering it has brought to such a beautiful city and their beautiful people. I send this song out to the people of Paris, who I know will not let this darkness get in the way of the joyous life that abounds in the City of Light."

During his trip to Paris in college, House was accepted to lodge at the legendary bookstore, Shakespeare and Company; reading, writing, and playing songs with writers and artists from around the world. He spent his days wandering around the city, reading books (guests required to read one book a day) and working at the bookstore. At night, they held parties at Shakespeare and Company or in secret rooms underneath the city, performing poetry, songs, and sharing wine and stories.

House has also released a video for "Paris Calling." The footage features photos House took in Paris and reflects some of his favorite memories exploring the city.