Ear Trumpet Labs Receives Stellar Review from Bass Gear Magazine

nadine-front (2)

Boutique microphone company and Richlynn Group client, Ear Trumpet Labs, recently received a stellar review from Bass Gear Magazine for their Nadine microphone. The Nadine is their first microphone designed specifically for upright bass, and has quickly become one of the go-to mics with players in the Americana, Bluegrass, Jazz and Folk genres. Based in Portland, OR, Ear Trumpet Labs excels at creating hand-built microphones with impeccable sound quality and signature retro-industrial styling. Chris Fitzgerald was selected as the reviewer, who holds a Master of Music degree in Theory and Composition from the University of Louisville, where he now teaches jazz theory, traditional theory, improvisation, jazz bass, jazz piano, and jazz ensemble. Fitzgerald begins with the physical components of the mic, elaborating, “The resulting feeling when holding it is, “this thing will outlive me by at least one lifetime” – an extremely rare quality in today’s market of disposable audio gear…the thought readily occurs that if the rest of the design is as solid as the form of the thing, this is going to be a really great microphone.”

He then goes on to sample audio recordings and compare how the microphone performs in a live setting vs. studio setting, analyzing what type of environment it would excel in. Ultimately, he affirms, “This mic is a superbly over-engineered piece of gear that is more than road-worthy, both in terms of design and sound, and one that – as the ad copy states – looks great while you are using it. A hearty two thumbs up…”

To read the remainder of Chris’s review, click here.

To learn more about Ear Trumpet Labs visit www.EarTrumpetLabs.com