Joey Canyon Releases New Single “Matter of Time”

June 12, 2019, Nashville, TN – Denver/Nashville-based, award winning, traditional country artist, TV host, and Canyon Star Network CEO Joey Canyon, announces the release of his new single “Matter of Time” on June 14. Canyon is a staple of the independent country music scene, having his last five singles shoot straight to #1. Industry insiders predict “Matter of Time” will occupy the same position on the charts, making its debut as one of the most-added songs of the week at the reporting stations.  

The song “Matter of Time” delivers timeless, classic country imagery with vocals reminiscent of traditional country stalwarts Strait, Gosden and Jennings. Written by Canyon’s good friend, John Allen Woodward, it is a poignant tune of heartache and lost love. “This song cuts to the bone, everyone has lost a painful love at one time or another, and I'm no exception,” Canyon reflects. “It felt like it was written for me, my heart was all over it, and I just had to record it.”

Canyon is also the host of The Joey Canyon Show which will return on the soon to launch Canyon Star Network, Joey is also a frequent guest host of episodes on Heartland TVs music video program Country Fix.


"Listen to the new single "Matter of Time" here."

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